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Online Collaboration Tools To Make UX Teams More Productive


We know how to conduct UX research and design with teams of all sizes. Getting everyone involved in the discussions is important to build shared understanding of the project goals and measurables. We have worked successfully with teams that are remote and spread across many time-zones. Some clients have made great use of our ability to facilitate remote user-testing sessions with fully annotated video and screen-recording. We believe that planning and collaboration needs to happen both in realtime and asynchronously — we have managed projects in both circumstances. We do card sorts, task flow analysis, and complex wireframe creation with clients around the world. Let us show you how to do lean UX planning and design.


Build a Design System That is Always In Sync with your Production App


Some call them Style Guides, some call them Pattern Libraries — but, it's clear that shared, collaborative design systems are at the core of development processes for the most effective and productive companies. These systems act as code repositories, package distribution tools and centralized documentation sources. Your developers and designers will collaborate and communicate more efficiently with a design system. We have built design systems for new marketing redesign efforts, large, enterprise scale web development teams, and lean, agile startups. Read more about organizing a code-based prototyping design system.